Monday, October 3, 2011

Protocol prefix trimming in Frefox 7

Firefox 7 introduced a controversial idea of omitting http:// protocol prefix from the URL bar (other prefixes such as https:// or ftp:// aren't omitted). This is very irritating for me personally and I see it as an inconsistent approach which falls into a general modern trend of oversimplification.

Fortunately, it's possible to disable this behavior by setting the following key in about:config to false:


Enjoy the full URL again.


  1. This feature was already introduced in Chrome about a year ago.
    Sometimes really annoying

  2. I was going through the meego website and noticed you're working on utilizing the zmanim API for the meego platform. Unfortunately almost every smartphone OS has apps for Siddur, Humash, Torah, Zmanim, Jewish Calendar and other useful apps except for the N9. If you have spare time and are willing to help out jewish N9 users like myself please create or port over jewish apps to the N9. It would be most appreciated and I would definitely be willing to pay for such apps.

  3. I was working on the core C++ library itself, which is a port of this Java library:
    Actual end user programs which use the library is the second step, and I hope I can get to doing something like that as well.

  4. I definitely like there to be lot's of useful programs like Siddur and Chumash for Harmattan and the new open platform which will run on N9 as well - Nemo Mobile. So far I need to figure out how to use dependencies like boost (which is used for date calculations in my case) in the community repository (